Constant Contact and Friendly Service
Wendy was friendly but very professional, always available by phone & patiently explained things I did not understand. Her office staff was very pleasant & helpful as well. A joyful experience!

Gay M.
Worked hard to make this deal happen
WendyWorks is an excellent organization and I will not only use them in the future, but would confidently recommend them to friends and family. That, in itself, is a testament of their worth as a company.

Paul P
Caring Personal Touches
I am finally getting around to sending you a small token of my appreciation for everything you have done for me. I was very hesitant at first to work with a realtor but my sister assured me that you would take care of me and you did. I cannot completely express my gratitude for the way you handled my search for a new home, especially under the circumstances. The task of finding me a home in less than 30 days and one I would like so much was amazing. You took great care of every little detail which made it especially seamless for me. I will never forget how professional you handled everything and especially how your caring personal touches made me feel like I was the most important person in the world.

Deborah G.
We recently purchased a home from Wendy Northcut. I usually do not take the time to prepare letters of appreciation for services rendered. In this case, however, I wanted to express our appreciation for the excellent job which Wendy performed on our behalf. I have been involved in over 15 home real estate transaction during my career and have never had such a pleasant experience as we did in dealing with Wendy Northcut. She took the time to understand our desires and wishes. She then presented numerous properties, which incorporated these desires, and at the same time aided us in better understanding what we actually wanted. Most realtors are very willing to show property, but very few will offer suggestions and take a proactive approach in aiding the client develop the criteria for selecting a new home. This was very beneficial to us. She was a proactive representative of your company and could always be counted on to take care of our every need in this transaction and the subsequent move. I have never had a realtor that bothered to check back on us, once the sale was complete. You have a real jewel in Wendy, which I can tell you is not available from most realtors that I have dealt with over the past 40 years. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of my friends and business associates who are contemplating purchasing or selling property.

Gary W.
Wendy, my family would like to thank you for your assistance in moving from Pocatello to Boise. Our objectives were exceedingly difficult, and ultimately we decided not to sell our property on the other side of the state. This decision threw us into a totally different location and property direction, and you handled it professionally and very effectively. At the end of the day, we have no regrets for the decision which we could not have made intelligently without your support and patience. We also ended up with a Boise home that fit all of our requirements. I would have to think that our needs were near the top of your scale related to challenging. You are outstanding at your profession, and although we had to have tested your resolve, we never had the hint that you were anything but committed to helping us identify the options, visit properties and get us placed in a home that fit our needs. You accomplished all of our objectives with a pleasant nature, enthusiasm, and a commitment to get us settled with the least amount of hassle and the greatest degree of satisfaction. Thanks Again.

Gary & Kristi L.
I used Wendy Northcut's services for my relocation to the Boise area upon joining J. R. Simplot. I can truly say that she went above and beyond my expectations in all aspects of the relocation process. Her familiarity with the area as well as Simplot's relocation policies made the whole ordeal go very smoothly. She was able to secure interim living for myself at a reasonable price and cost savings to the Company. She did a substantial amount of research prior to my arrival and presented a concise market overview based upon my needs and desires during relocation. Her dedication was exemplary and can be further reinforced by her personal sacrifice to show me potential homes even on the Easter holiday requiring her to be away from her family. She has maintained an open line of communication and continues to ensure my satisfaction even after the sale. Being a new resident to the Boise area she is always there as a valuable resource to call at a moments notice when I have a question or need some good advice. It is without reservation that I can recommend her services and professional abilities.

Vince R.
Wendy came highly recommended to us and with good reason. She helped us sell our home in only eight days! She actively marketed our house from the very first day and was equally as committed to helping us find our next home. We have already recommended Wendy to friends and family and will use her exclusively in the future!

Jerry & Kelly L.
During my 30 years with Simplot our family has had the privilege of relocating seven times. Dealing with realtors and purchasing homes had become more of a routine rather than an event. On our last transfer from Stockton to Boise we had the pleasure of using Wendy Northcut as our realtor. From our experience I can share that Wendy was a treat to work with. She was organized, patient and truly focused on meeting or exceeding our needs. If I ever need a realtor in the future she is it.

Jimmie Y.
Wendy took me under her wing, gave me mountains of advice, held my hand, and listened to gripes & moans & groans. I count her among my friends. Best decision I ever made!!

Suzie L.
Wendy Works Is Only Half The Story. Wendy Succeeds.
Wendy sold our neighbors house a few years ago. They couldn't say enough good things about her, so when we decided to put our house up for sale, we checked her out. So glad we did. Wendy knows her stuff. She guided us through every stage of the selling process and was always available when we had a question. Wendy returns your calls. Wendy gives you feedback. Wendy makes awesome staging suggestions. Wendy knows how to price your house. Wendy knows how to get your house seen by other realtors and internet shoppers. Wendy knows how to get your house sold. We received multiple offers on our home and sold it within a week. She is bright professional and super nice. To say Wendy Works is only half the story. Wendy succeeds.

Brian & Carol G.
A Problem Arose at Closing
A problem arose at closing with unexpected fees. Our agent Robby Reinhardt was very professional during this stressful time. Wendy, our Broker was quick to provide guidance to help get it resolved. It was good to have such honest, knowledgeable professionals to represent us.

Mary & Warren G.
Wendy and her staff were right
Wendy and her staff (including Stewart Title) were right about every aspect of the process. If only we had listened about her lender recommendation, we would have had a much smoother transaction. Her team was able to keep the closing on time, despite issues outside her or titles control! Thank you again Wendy.

Dennis and Deanna M
Very prompt communication, professional
WendyWorks team was very knowledgeable and professional. Wendy has great dedication to her clients and follow through.

Enver & Fatima S
Wendy was so helpful and pleasant
Wendy made the whole experience so painless and easy. I wish I had called her sooner.

Laurie H
Wendy sincerely has the best interest of her clients at heart!
I initially contacted Wendy because I saw that she was listed as one of Dave Ramsey's "ELP"!! That meant that she had a strong financial foundation and would encourage the same for her clients. Our initial inquiry did not result in selling because the market was so bad and we were so upside down. Wendy was honest and didn't lead us on. Some years later, as the market slowly began to improve, and things in life changed, we again contacted Wendy. She was persistent and our house was sold in 3 months. Wendy and staff are knowledgeable, personable and caring.

Nicole W
I am a repeat customer with no regrets.

Richard K
Willing to do extra to help me
Short selling is a hard thing to do. There is so much uncertainty. Wendy and Shauna made the process a positive experience for me and my son. They are always friendly, patient and willing to go the extra mile for you. I highly recommend WendyWorks!!

Dutee D
Wendy is so knowledgeable, organized and professional!
If you need someone who can get the job done in a timely, professional manner, you need Wendy! This has been a wonderful process and thanks to Wendy's help, we got the home of our dreams! I cannot recommend WendyWorks enough. Simply Fantastic!

Jeff and Eden B
We enjoyed the professionalism and working knowledge of the business
We enjoyed working with Wendy, because she was so nice and professional. She knew how to answer all of our questions. I will definitely use her in the future.

Delynn K
Very professional approach to business
Helped us with key decisions throughout the period that the house was on the market. Great use of the web application to track interested parties. Review of this information each week provided good insight to how much interest and activity there is in the market. Thanks so much!

Mike W
Friendly and knowledgeable. Quicker than planned. No stress.

Janet M
No one Could Ask for a Better Person to Work With
I had a wonderful experience with WendyWorks Realty. The professionalism and knowledge was invaluable. The process of a short sell is daunting enough that you need an experienced professional to help you out. There is no one better than Wendy.

Bob M
Dear Wendy, On behalf of the entire family our sincere gratitude for your expertise and diligent stewardship of the entire home sale process. After the anxiety of months, we have a great outcome. My parents would be happy. Thank you for your support and encouragement throughout. It has been invaluable to me.

Mary N
I enjoy Wendy's sense of humor and she handled my father well!
I've known Wendy and Ford for a few years. Wendy handled my parents, especially my Dad, with humor, grace and respect. They are not easy people to please. Wendy went above and beyond to get them the best possible solution to their situation.

Terri C
Hats Off for Another Success Story!
Wendy handled my non-residential property type with flair. After a lack of activity through the years with other realtors, it was indeed refreshing to have the great good fortune to link up with Wendy's professional level of energy, excellence, follow-through and attention-to-detail. Her "outside the box" creativity really paved the way for a smooth deal, not only satisfactory, but beneficial to all parties. "Hats off" for another success story!

Jim C
Wendy Listened
Wendy listened to our concerns and issues. She was even tempered and steadfast while we were overwhelmed. Big Plus = having continue to market clause. Time spent understanding offers with pros/cons.

Pete and Diane
Wendy is simply terrific!
Wendy Northcut's website "" is an understatement. Wendy must be the hardest working, most professional real estate agent this side of the Mississippi, and certainly exceeded my expectations in every way. Inasmuch as I am in the middle of a divorce and probably not articulating my interests to the best of my ability, I was amazed at the way Wendy divined what I really wanted. To cite only one example, when I said one back yard was too shady, she immediately figured out that I need garden space. Wendy also noticed every detail in every house, and could immediately tell me why one house was preferable to another, even though to my eye they appeared functionally identical. She noted every piece of trim, every piece of hardware, every rain gutter, every loose screw, and so on. Wendy also set me up with a mortgage lender that beat my own long term bank's best rate by 1/8% and charged no points or origination fees, and set up a closing that was easier than making reservations at a restaurant. Wendy was always available to me seven days a week, and even took time out of her own life to open the house to show it to my daughter, who was only available for a couple of hours one Saturday - and that was after the house was already in contract! Similarly, Wendy even called to confirm details one day when she was on the road to Idaho Falls to be with her own daughter during surgery. I always felt like I was her most important client, yet I am sure the others feel the same way. Wendy is simply terrific. The long and short of it is that I will never let a friend or relative engage in any real estate transaction, whether as buyer or seller, without first contacting Wendy.

Lawrence S
Completely Confident in Wendy's Ability to Advise, Protect and Support Us
WendyWorks went above and beyond any regular realtor services. Wendy was always professional and calm, even when I was not! I felt safe and secure in every aspect of selling our home. I would use WendyWorks again and I will refer others to her!

Shelly and Daniel
My family and I relocated to the Boise area in June 2001 from California. Obviously, the distance and travel involved required that house hunting trips to Boise make the best possible use of our time. Wendy organized, planned, kept us on track and worked long hours. My wife and I both felt that Wendy went well beyond the call for us. Her efforts continued during escrow making sure all the deadlines were being met. We had no surprises! Wendy is very professional, knows the area and her business which made our move to Boise a painless experience.

Brad B.
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